The Sabores Altaneiros brand is today a consolidated brand in the Portuguese palate; many of our products are of our own brand, but, in a perspective of collaboration and accountability, we sell products from small producers that, in an artisanal way, produce, in artisan way, authentic treasures that delight us all.

With a philosophy based on quality, we produce and sell genuine products from Serra da Estrela.

We have a physical store located in Serrashopping in Covilhã (store 035), we sell to various parts of the country either for resale or to final consumers.

Through our online store we are able to get our products to any location in a very short time.

We have a great diversity of products, of which we highlight:

  • Cheeses (goat, sheep, – cured and buttered, – and mix) of their own brand and of several small producers in the region,
  • traditional cakes (beer crackers, forgotten, oil biscuits, milk cakes, etc.),
  • jams and pure honey (heather, rosemary and multiflora),
  • stuffed,
  • wines and liqueurs,
  • olive oils,
  • etc.