The Sabores Altaneiros Group has its headquarters in Manteigas and develops activities in the areas of Tourism, Goat Breeding, Production and commercialization of Regional Products.

The Group, whose designation means that it flies or rises at great height / altitude, aims to be recognized as a reference in sustainable development and in the dissemination of the Serra da Estrela value. For this, it develops economic activities that offer sustainable experiences that you want to be memorable of Flavor, Leisure and Adventure.

The group’s activity has 3 aspects:

  • In the area of ​​Nature and Adventure Tourism, materializing the performance in the management of Skiparque (www.skiparque.pt) and in the diversified offer of “turnkey” programs that include experiences in Serra da Estrela (ski, walking paths, tours, raids, combined programs for groups, companies, etc.)
  • In the area of ​​raising goat herds, with a few hundred animals destined for the production of meat and milk.
  • In the area of ​​production and marketing of regional products from Serra da Estrela we produce and sell a wide variety of genuine products of exceptional quality, many of them produced by hand by small producers in the Serra da Estrela region.


Vision: To be recognized as a reference in sustainable development and in the dissemination of the value of Serra da Estrela.

Mission: To enhance and share the healthy and traditional values and values of Serra da Estrela, offering, in a sustainable way, memorable experiences of Flavor, Leisure and Adventure.


  • Sustainability: environmental, social and economic and with respect for the specificities of Serra da Estrela
  • Quality: of the services and products available
  • Cooperation: between everyone and with all stakeholders and based on the principle that all together we are worth more than the sum of the parts
  • Flexibility: adapt to each client, circumstance and reality
  • Ambition: to be a reference, (re) known and remarkable
  • Legality: in the operating principles and in the way it operates


The group is owned by investors who live in the Serra da Estrela region and with deep knowledge of the local and business reality and by investors with extensive experience in managing multinational and / or national companies.

Management is based on a philosophy of transparency, sharing and involvement with the team that ensures the functioning of different businesses on a daily basis.

The team is very senior and stable, has vast experience in each of the activities and is the support of the group.


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Phone: 937 516 062